Day 12.11 Dodoma

Submitted by James Mungai Kamau, Young Life Regional Director in Kenya.

A Church of Peace

We have been living out Luke 10:1 – 24 every day. In those verses Jesus instructs the disciples to look for men of peace. Yesterday, we found a whole congregation of peace.

One of our three groups had a great experience in a Church.  Prior to their arrival at the Church, one of the Church leaders had been teaching on freedom. He was teaching on the wailing land of Africa and the need for deliverance. The need for Tanzania and Africa to be freed from bondage of slaverly, sin, corruption, and dependency. Later, when the Young Life leaders were invited to share on the freedom walk, the entire congregation of 180 people were amazed at the coincidence of the Church and Young Life having the same theme. One of the church members shared that since Thursday he had been dreaming of four people delivering a great message in the Church, and it happened that four members of this group were the only one who entered the Church, the others were ministering to other people.

After the testimonies, the Church elders decided to have a special collection to help the team with money to buy water on our way. The team declined their kind offer and instead requested for prayer for all the people walking on the trail. The Young Life team was asked to kneel down and the elders laid hands on then while the whole Church prayed for them simultaneously. Later on the four Young Life leaders also prayed for the congregation.