Day 13.2 Tree at MlewaStory from James Mungai, YL Regional Director in Kenya.  The above picture is of the group praying around the tree.

Our campsite is at the Mlewa Secondary School. In the afternoon we had an opportunity to pray for the school where we are camping. We were informed that the school was built on the very site where an infamous, powerful tribal Chief, Mlewa would meet and sell slaves to slave traders. In the middle of the school yard there is a huge tree Chief Mlewa used to sit under as he condemned all the locals who had been captured into slavely. We were told rumors of various strange things about the tree. It sometimes harbors small snakes or even one huge snake. Sometimes bees will come from nowhere and be on the tree for a week or more at a time. When the snakes or the bees are on the tree no learning continues in the school as the kids and teachers are afraid. Sometimes, during the rainy seasons, the tree withers out inexplicably. In Africa, witchcraft is often performed under the spreading branches of large, old trees (like in the old testament) and elders and operators of witchcraft (witches and witch doctors) come to pray under the tree for various reason and will perform rituals. The same thing happens at this tree and sometime students and teachers will have manifestations of evil spirits and the attack can last for hours and shut down the learning for the day.

We prayed for the whole school, we went round it and prayed that the tree becomes the source of light, shade and not a tree of darkness. We declared freedom in this place. Maybe we can have Young Life at this school someday.

The picture below is from a few days later and is a club being held in Mlewa. 

Day13.3 club at Mlewa