Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.44.27 PMExactly ONE YEAR AGO tomorrow—on July 11—we started our historic/powerful/epic Freedom Walk from the slave market in Ujiji, Tanzania. Over the next 20 days we walked across Tanzania on the Old Slave Caravan route Breaking Chains. Praying for healing. Praying that God would restore the land.Praying that God would raise up leaders and start ministry all over Africa and the world. Many many powerful things happened and continue to happen because of that time. On the Freedom Walk everyday everyone read through whole chapter of Luke 10 and listened to the Lord for what He was directing us to do/see/learn for that day from the scripture. Then we walked and lived out the scripture and did what God told us to do. And every night we gathered and told stories of what God did. And we worshipped and thanked Him. Then did it again. We prayed for impossible things—and saw them happen.


For the next 20 days—July 11-30—let’s LIVE LIKE WE WALKED.

That’s right—wherever you are, whatever you are doing let’s try as best as we can to do the following:

Read through Luke 10 daily (as much as you can.) Listen for a phrase, a verse, etc. that jumps out at you. Listen for direction for the day from the passage. 

Whatever you are doing that day—trust that God has you on a “Freedom Walk”—whether you are at work, on a holiday, doing YL camp, etc. And do what the Lord tells you to do. Take risks. 

Pray impossible prayers that God leads you to each day. Take the risk to pray for someone’s healing. To lead them to Christ. To serve and encourage them.

Each night thank the Lord and worship—even if it is for 5 minutes with a song in your head/heart in your own room.

Share stories: send us all emails letting us know what is happening on your “Walk”

Especially pray and get many others to pray for continued deeper Freedom in Young Life Africa and in Young Life all over the world. And pray for new leaders. New doors opening. Fresh anointing and power and a new sense of God’s presence .

Get as many people as you know to do this with you

Can we do this? I am starting tomorrow morning—July 11.


More Freedom.

More Peace

More Power

More Kids

To break every chain….break every chain

Steve and Dyan