ba16773636b7d79be605baa3_610x458Today is Day 1 of our Freedom Walk Prayer. The Larmey family is driving through the Native American reservations in Northern Arizona. Such oppression and such poverty. Praying to break chains of poverty, addiction, passivity, history, lost identity.

In Luke 10 today in the Message we read, "The harvest is HUGE and workers are FEW…" HUGE and FEW. Praying into this abundance of a huge harvest and into the poverty of the few workers. Lord–raise up workers to reach kids in Gray Mountain, Cameron, Page, Kayenta, Tuba City and beyond. Open doors in schools and neighborhoods.


Dyan befriended Roadie, a woman begging at the gas station we stopped at in Gray Mountain. She told us she is rejected as ahalf-breed and called an addict and crazy. She says she has to make up her family tree because she doesn't know who she is. Dyan befriended her, gave her coffee and water. And we all prayed for her– peace, healing and joy. And we assured her of her identity in Jesus. She smiled as we told her she had a family tree.

Keep praying with us.


Break every chain….





Steve and Dyan