Day 10.29The first section of the Freedom Walk ended yesterday. Sebastian and Amuriat James's team of Tanzanians, Ugandans, Rwandans, Burundians, and Congolese joyfully walked into Tabora town to meet up with Laban and Matilda's team. Together, they had a great celebration before closing down the Tabora base camp. The first section included over 400 kilometers walked and thousands of lives touched and many chains broken.

The second section of the Freedom Walk also completed their walk today. We prayed as their team handed off the chain to the last walking team who will carry it in to Bagamoyo over the next 6 days. We said good bye to our YL Expeditions team led by Chad Edwards who just finished their life changing walk.

Beth Toy arrived as the ambassador from YL Virginia and she handed off to us a running baton they had passed from team to team as they prayed and walked from the slave port in Norfolk to the slave market site in Richmond.

Ethiopians and Zimbabweans have arrived—there is an army amassing as we walk towards the cross in Bagamoyo. The battle is heating up.