Ten years ago Young Life Africa started the Freedom Walk with a prayer walk up Mt. Kilimanjaro. This walk inspired the leaders to reach out to more and more kids. Now, Young Life Africa is in 21 countries throughout Africa with thousands of kids participating.

The Freedom Walk Africa took place July 12-31, 2014. The group walked 1400 km across the Tanzania slave caravan. Each step equaled joy and freedom in Christ. The film shows how Young Life Africa is inspiring many people they meet along the way.

Along the Freedom Walk, we meet people and prayed with them, healed them, fed them, carried water for them, showing the love of Christ and the freedom they experience by loving Him. It was a powerful movement for both Young Life leaders and the people they meet.

About Young Life Africa

Young Life introduces adolescents to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith. Africa, meanwhile, is a continent of young people with over 75% of the population of sub-Sahara Africa under the age of 25.

Young Life was made for Africa.

Since launching in Africa a little over a decade ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching over 230,000 kids in a growing number of African countries. But we have done that by reaching one kid at a time. An African proverb teaches the "slow way is the fast way" and that proverb has guided our vision for reaching every kid in every country in Africa.

Our senior Young Life leaders observe that it takes three years for the mango tree to bear fruit, but once it starts, the mango produces fruit in season…for over a hundred years! Contrast that with the tomato bush, which produces fruit in less than three months, but then dies out, never to produce again.

Our Young Life African leaders use a Leadership Tree to grow mango trees. This short video tells the story beautifully.

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